More time for your guests and employees.
With Nesto.

The cloud software to perfectly manage your units by leveraging artificial intelligence

Winner of Internorga Zukunftspreis 2023in the Technology & Equipment category

Prevent overstaffing and understaffing proactively

Providing a great guest experience? Shortage of staff & increasing costs make this a real challenge. Unfortunately over and understaffing happens all the time. Wouldn't it be nice if a software tool solves this challenge automatically?

Bedarfsorientierte Erstellung von Dienstplänen
Automatische Dienstpläne mit 1 Klick innerhalb wenigen Sekunden
Automatische Dienstpläne mit 1 Klick innerhalb wenigen Sekunden
Alle Informationen in der Mitarbeiter-App

Nesto creates...

Rosters where everyone benefits

Less stress, no boredom - just a better balance. We create labor rosters to ensure optimal performance of your team. Our automatic AI scheduling does it all in seconds, saving you management time.

Happy employees

Automatically considers employee requests and provides reliable shifts

Delighted guests

More time for your guests and always optimally staffed for a great guest experience.

Healthy businesses

Proven higher revenue and lower labor costs for long-term, sustained success

Increase profit

On average, 20-30% more profit by avoiding understaffing and overstaffing

More than digitalization

As individual modules or leveraging the fully integrated software solution: With Nesto, we connect Operations & HR and automate digital processes.

Sales & guest forecast

More than just a gut feeling: looking reliably into the future and making successful decisions by using artificial intelligence.

Labor scheduling & live KPIs

Create duty rosters easily and ensure optimal execution on the floor with live KPIs - for optimal staff deployment and guaranteed success.

Automatic duty roster

Faster than brewing a cup of coffee - create rosters for a full month in 20-40 seconds.

Time & attendance

Record working times, check them automatically and use APIs for smooth collaboration with the payroll team.

Digital employee file

All employee data in one place - with reminders of expiring deadlines, sharing pay slips with employees, and many more.

Employee app

Involve employees seamlessly in your processes - digitally and always with them on their smartphones.

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